Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gradle project testing

I am serious about Gradle support and testing in general and now the result is also visible in our plugin. The latest update brings significant changes in the Gradle project support - it is aware of instrumentation tests, their dependencies and how to run them. Obviously the attached image show only the simplest example but still you can see that the project tab now hosts more node to include content related to testing. Editor is correctly hooked up with project structure and resolves symbols in the source file. And finally at the bottom you can see the output from a test that was run on emulator. Neat.
There is always more. In this case 'Test File' and 'Debug Test File' action are not supported and can be added soon. Please, send you feedback to nbandroid-discuss at if you are interested. I am also consider adding support for Robolectric. Android tools team does not show them much love in their Android Studio at the moment so it can be an interesting exercise. Again leave as a message if you would like to see it done.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Debug Gradle project

The last update brings an improvement for Gradle projects: debug action is available now. This is first step to make other actions like 'debug file' and similar working. It is part of my plan is to move focus to Gradle support.