Tuesday, September 24, 2013

JavaONE 2013

I have a good time at JavaONE this year and believe it will help NBAndroid project as well. There was a short presentation and demo of NBAndroid at NetBeans Day. More people can find the plugin now thanks to an article on DZone describing plugins from that presentation.
One of the reasons to go to a conference like this is to meet other people. I am glad that I could talk with Attila Kelemen and Hans Dockter. Attila is the author of Gradle plugin for NetBeans and we worked together for a while to create Android support for new Gradle projects. Hans is CEO at Gradleware and it was great to meet him and we had a nice chat about build systems. More to come here.
The conference is not over yet so if you are there and want to talk just ping me (radim at kubacki dot cz).

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gradle meeting GUI preview

Two big features of NBAndroid are now converging. Gradle projects offer similar layout rendering functionality as Ant-based projects. It means that our rendering code was enhanced to accept information from Gradle project and knows about its different and more flexible structure to be able to generate an image of rendered layout.
Of course there is a lot of work to make this better - support all possible configurations for rendering, support for fragments being most obvious. Hopefully they will come in too.
I am very excited about this. So much that I'm going to show this at NetBeans day during NetBeans Community Tools with JRebel, Jelastic and more! session. If you attending JavaONE come to visit this talk.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to work

I just got back from vacation and it is time to do some cleanup and planning:

  • There are some issues in our tracker that I need to deal with.
  • A new improvements to layout editors are almost ready and will be published after some polishing.
  • A subscription key was send to people who asked to use NBAndroid Extensions for education in their class.
  • I need to prepare a short talk&demo that will be part of NetBeans Community Tools with JRebel, Jelastic, and More session at JavaONE (on Sunday, Sep 22). Happy to see you there.