Saturday, July 13, 2013


I've added statistics collector to NBAndroid plugin. The goal is to gather information about plugin usage: how many users we have and what are the most common tasks to focus the work into these areas. Collected data is strictly anonymous and will be used purely for statistics collecting. Behind the scene there is a StatsD daemon that is pinged by UDP once in a day if the plugin is actively used. And carbon/graphite running on machine to visualize the data. If you feel strongly about this you can disable this (assuming you have a subscription key or you will read the source to find your way).

Another small change is related to plugin interaction with ADB. There is some additional logging to IDE log file added because there are some problems reported occasionally in this area.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Debugging for Maven projects

I was reminded recently that Andriod application debugging is not supported for Maven project. Apparently there is not so many differences between various project types so I was able to add this support. Please give it a try and send me some feedback.

As a side-effect you can also enjoy better support when editing AndroidManifest.xml in Maven projects too.