Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NBAndroid shows in NetBeans statistics

I think that the Android project type is the only one that is not part of standard NetBeans distribution and made it into this graph generated on NetBeans statistics page. Version 7.2.1 produced similar picture. This is done by our users, thanks!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Formatting and more

Top news for this update: formatting preferences are now visible in project customizer. Barring a stupid bug in internals of our project support written long time ago this would be a simple change. Anyway it is now part of NBAndroid Extensions.

If you are not NBAndroid Extensions users yet you will still benefit from recent changes. These include fixed handling for Java source encoding, support for specified Java source level or some other bug fixes.

Resource navigation is theme from last weeks. There are another improvements in this area too. More XML to XML hyperlinks (string, drawable, color). More types of drawables are recognized now. And the whole support is ready for another growth.

Friday, April 26, 2013

More hyperlinks

The basic support for hyperlink navigation is ready and works in Java sources for some resource types. The last update brought an obvious extensions of this work - attribute values like @string/my_value is recognized as well and Ctrl-mouseclick will move you to proper file in res/values folder.

Again this new improvement is part of NBAndroid Extensions. It means you need to install this module together with Android module and make sure you have a valid subscription.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tuning hyperlink navigation

R.styleable and R.drawable are another two types of resource identifiers supported in Java source files where you can use Ctrl-mouseclick to open the resource. Again it is not working across project borders but it is beginning.

Don't forget that this functionality is part of NBAndroid Extensions and you will need your subscription.

Along with these changes there were minor bug fixes in prject opening and layout rendering.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maven is back

The minimalistic job done for NBAndroid integration with Maven project was broken recently. The problem was change in pom.xml files used for Andriod project that express their dependency on Android target (platform version) differently now. Fix was pushed yesterday.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

About subscriptions

NBAndroid is an open source project and my plan is to keep this status. The problem here is that there are too few people interested in giving compared to number of people with big expectations about feature set, quality or level of provided support. We do not have a sponsor and total amount of donations is really low. This leaves me in a situation where I need to invest my own spare time to this project and get nothing.

This is not working long term and as a result I am looking for a way how to find a balance. At the moment the open source version of NBAndroid remains as it is: it uses Apache Public License, the source is available at BitBucket repository a some updates will be created to keep it in sync with curent state of Android SDK and NetBeans IDE.

In addition to that there will be a set of extra functionality provided to users who obtain their NBAndroid.org subscription. Both set of modules will be published at the same place - currently it is http://nbandroid.org/release72/updates/updates.xml - and you can install the basic support only or get both of them.

The first add-on feature provided here is hyperlink support for navigation from Java sources to XML resource files. Ctrl-click on identifiers like R.layout.activityX will now open the file res/layout/activityX.xml. And there is even more: R.id.something can navigate directly to a place where identifier is defined in your resource. There are various limitations (no support for platform files and libraries and only some resource type and some of the files are parsed now) that can be fixed later if there is enough interest (measured by number of active paying subscriptions).