Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gradle meeting GUI preview

Two big features of NBAndroid are now converging. Gradle projects offer similar layout rendering functionality as Ant-based projects. It means that our rendering code was enhanced to accept information from Gradle project and knows about its different and more flexible structure to be able to generate an image of rendered layout.
Of course there is a lot of work to make this better - support all possible configurations for rendering, support for fragments being most obvious. Hopefully they will come in too.
I am very excited about this. So much that I'm going to show this at NetBeans day during NetBeans Community Tools with JRebel, Jelastic and more! session. If you attending JavaONE come to visit this talk.

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  1. Do you know libgdx (

    They start to support gradle, maybe you can integrate libgdx in a way that it will be easy to create new libgdx projects directly from netbeans.

    Just thinking out loud.