Saturday, April 6, 2013

About subscriptions

NBAndroid is an open source project and my plan is to keep this status. The problem here is that there are too few people interested in giving compared to number of people with big expectations about feature set, quality or level of provided support. We do not have a sponsor and total amount of donations is really low. This leaves me in a situation where I need to invest my own spare time to this project and get nothing.

This is not working long term and as a result I am looking for a way how to find a balance. At the moment the open source version of NBAndroid remains as it is: it uses Apache Public License, the source is available at BitBucket repository a some updates will be created to keep it in sync with curent state of Android SDK and NetBeans IDE.

In addition to that there will be a set of extra functionality provided to users who obtain their subscription. Both set of modules will be published at the same place - currently it is - and you can install the basic support only or get both of them.

The first add-on feature provided here is hyperlink support for navigation from Java sources to XML resource files. Ctrl-click on identifiers like R.layout.activityX will now open the file res/layout/activityX.xml. And there is even more: can navigate directly to a place where identifier is defined in your resource. There are various limitations (no support for platform files and libraries and only some resource type and some of the files are parsed now) that can be fixed later if there is enough interest (measured by number of active paying subscriptions).


  1. Hi,

    You are making a great job with nbandroid and I am sorry it has come to this point, but I understand it. I also regret that more people do not bring their two cents. Or, why not, google directly sponsor the plugin, did you try it? Is possible to make a community petition?

    Few months ago I make a little donation that was more than the 15€ you ask for subscription and I ask my self if is possible to use it to pay the first subscription. Don't worry if not.

    Thanks Radim for your work!!

  2. about time, i was wondering how can we speed up the development of the plugin . As for me (rare time android developer - early beginning) this solution is best suited. Some things i got for free, and when i grew up to the full development needs i can safely pay You for Your effort. Fair for me and for You.

  3. In the option windows of netbeans, it says "No license. You can get license for your version of NBAndroid plugin at", but that URL does not exist. You might to redirect to, or change the URL in the text to

  4. As a hard core fan of NetBeans and full time android system software developer, I will certainly consider paying NBAndroid, and trust me when I say, much more than 15 EUR. However, I will not give You the money just for the sake of giving You money.

    There is a free Eclipse plugin with full featured GUI builder and native programming support with gdb debugging.

    At the same time, your answer to feature request to support native development is "Honestly, there is no plan to work on this now." (NBANDROID-152).

    I would also mention NBANDROID-173, unresolved for six months - a show stopper bug which makes plugin unusable in a pretty common scenario.

    I am mentioning these two, because I reported them, and I know all the details about them.

    My point is - You have a good idea for a project, and You did some great work for it. But, You do not have mature product which may bring value for money. Until You reach (at least) functionalities very close to functionalities of free Eclipse plugin, there is simply no point in charging Your product.

  5. To Paul: done.
    To Tilman: I believe it is OK in current version.
    To obucinac: my reply went to!topic/nbandroid-discuss/KqO5TFOasuo as it seems more proper place for discussion

  6. Way to go, Radim!

    Just bought two licenses (no, that's not an error). Sorry for never ever having donated. I guess I need a carrot to pay up.

    A sponsor is a great idea. I don't know Radim, but I do know that a great developer should do what he is best at: Developing.
    So if you'd like to help, then please do some work to find a sponsor. Don't put that extra work on his shoulders, that'll just give him less time improving an already great plugin.

  7. I did now buy a license as a sign of support. And yes, "just for the sake of giving You money" :-) (I have read and researched the comment of obucinac and disagree with it)