Sunday, January 6, 2013

nbandroid-discuss mailing list

I have set up a new mailing list and it can ba accessed from Google Groups page. The reason behind this is that I am not happy with all the mailing lists automatically created for projects at that are mostly dead and causing confusion for newcomers. At the moment there were four lists - dev, commits, issues, users. I already removed and will send a message to tell people to subscribe to a new place. I believe that one list should be enough for all interesting communication and the amount of traffic there will still be manageable for anyone interested in the project.

Generally I'd like to detach NBAndroid from legacy because their project hosting is not what I'd expect. Downloads are already moved and mailing lists are moving now. I will think about bug tracker and source code in the future. At the moment they remain at their original location.


  1. Thanks for all your great work! We're constantly recommending your plugin to be used in parallel with the jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK for Android development.

    For source code hosting and bug tracking, I sincerely hope you'll end up on It's where all the cool kids are at these days.

  2. I would also like to see it on GitHub the most. But since they don't have any mercurial support, I understand if you don't want to change the source code management system, so my second hope goes to Google Project :)

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