Friday, June 29, 2012

Did you ask for Maven?

NetBeans team just announced availability of 7.2 release candidate build. This is a good news for NBAndroid project because now we can publish a new version that will be interesting to Maven users. They will be able to use improved XML editors in their Maven project used to develop Android application.

The only problem is that this new version depends on some changes introduced in NetBeans 7.2. That's why I keep existing update center and installation procedure for all user of NetBeans 6.9, 7.0, and 7.1 untouched at the moment. Meanwhile I've set up a new download center for those who want to try this Maven intergation:

  • add URL as an autoupdate center in Tools | Plugins | Settings
  • go to Available plugins, find Android here and install the plugin
  • make sure Android SDK location is set in Tools | Options | Miscellaneous | Android (it is not read from Maven settings file yet)
  • check how the editors in your projects depending on work
That's it. Share the news & enjoy this new feature. As always feedback is welcomed.