Friday, March 30, 2012

Donations update

My huge thanks to all those folks who made a donation to this project. There are less than 10 of them and the average amount is smaller than 15 EUR. All these contributions are appreciated.

I see that some people are not happy and do not see that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch but I do not mind. As you can see there are some updates to keep the plugin uptodate. And there are people who report their real problems and I am trying to address at least some of these. Recently we had some fixes in the area of classpath handling because the latest SDK tools release brought some interesting changes again.

There are few ideas what to do next to improve the plugin:

  • Add layout preview functionality. Eclipse has GUI editor for layout and IntelliJ has at least preview. We can get on par with IntelliJ.
  • Better XML editing. Basic Java support work but all these special XML files are what makes Android development different from usual Java coding.
  • Lint integration. 
  • Maven support.
  • Many smaller things around device control, logcat support.
  • Better testing support. The one that we currently have is pathetic.
I had a vague promise to get help on the first and the third items (XML preview and Lint) but nothing material is available. It can be the best to ignore them and just write it from scratch.

Maven support is not likely to be addressed by me. I am free to help but I am not Maven fan boy.

Yet I am busy most of the time. Contributions are welcome.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Problem with SDK tools r17

There is a small problem with latest version of Android SDK tools revision 17. It will not bother you if your project doesn't use any JAR dependencies. As reported in our JIRA the output of our build misses classes from JAR libraries that are contained in libs folder of your project. Note the content of JAR referenced by library projects is included correctly.

I initiated some discussion on ADT-dev mailing list to see if there is a chance to fix this problem and will look for some solution. Meanwhile there is a workaround to set the working directory for your IDE to your project directory (simply start it from this directory). Or more complex one can be to create an Android Library project and move these JAR there.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Classpath tuning

I noticed an ugly problem with our classpath implementation this week while working on my Android application (Fireside Talk - a native client for Campfire). I moved some code into a lib-project and added a JAR library there. As a result my main project couldn't see classes from this JAR although the dependency was correctly processed. The project was built but the IDE support (editor, navigation) was affected. This is fixed now and you will see plugin update notification soon.

Please be patient. There is some problems with our autoupdate center hosted on Requests for plugin catalog are redirected and IDE is not processing them correctly. I will look for some solution and post an update soon.