Sunday, November 25, 2012

Library projects again

You can see new version of NBAndroid plugin on our auto-update center again. This time there is a fix for classpath resolving to find correctly sources belonging to Android library projects.

I noticed the bug few days ago and probably it was caused by a change in build process that creates a copy of AndroidManifest.xml file in bin directory now. This confused our plugin that expected there is another nested project. Anyway the problem is resolved now.

Together with this change there I integrated a (slightly modified) patch from Steve Roy to give you direct access to either AVD manager or SDK manager.


  1. Please, when you can, fix the r class error, because that error can't find the layout and run the project in emulator. Thanks for slightly modified in tools menu.

  2. To Jedi_black: if you believe that you see an error file using the instructions in and perhaps someone will take a look at it. So far I guess there is some user mistake.

  3. sorry, what instrutions? i follow the installation page. I'm on mac os x with netbeans 7.2.1. I will send the email.

  4. I am running netbeans 7.2.1 and trying to install nbandroid, but I get an error and the following url doesn't have anything there that it says to check proxy settings, but I have no proxy. what is the correct way to install nbandroid for netbeans 7.2.1 and not get this error?