Sunday, October 7, 2012

Progress on layout preview

Here is a teaser. I resumed my older attempt to create a preview support for Android UI layouts. As you probably know other IDEs are better in this area so it is time to close the gap a bit.

Of course what you can see on the picture is not ready for general consumption yet but I'd like to make some restricted version available soon. Incomplete list of things that need to be done looks like this:
  • Fix UI glitches in sizing and positioning of rendered layout, better integrate into NetBeans window system and generally provide better feedback. 
  • More complete set of customization controls to let you select locales, modes, themes, and so on.
  • The prototype works for layouts using widgets from SDK and is not aware of project items. It needs to parse and resolve project resources and be able to instantiate project classes.
  • Tie it together with editor and refresh the layout as the source file is edited.
  • Probably there is more like ability to display fragments.
  • Far ahead is GUI designer where you can edit layout.
While there can be some sponsoring for this feature it is still voluntarily work. The code is open source and available in the repository even for this branch. It means people can contribute. Monetary contribution are also accepted (see the donate button on the right side?). At the end I am also considering an option to distribute the GUI support for some small amount of money only.


  1. This will be awesome, please email me when its available. More so please can you add a support for PhoneGap to this plugin, or is any already, please point to it, Boss.

    kielsoft at gmail dot com


  2. hello.
    when we will arrive to a Graphic Layout (Progress on layout preview) like to Eclise ?
    me to i wanna use this userface of grafic editor for XML on Android applications. is so weak for desing just easy appilication you can do wit it.
    but Eclipse Grafic Layout is good now.
    BUT i need to use wtih Netbeans and it is so hard work for my pc.

    mail me plss. when it is finished