Friday, October 28, 2011

How to attach sources for SDK classes?

Ability to see SDK sources was one of the requests files in our JIRA for a while. I am glad to announce that is ready now. You have to find these sources somewhere because Android SDK does not ship with them. For example Mike Foster wrote a script long ago. The idea is to clone git repository with Android sources and collect the sources from various locations there. Once you have it extract them into $ANDROID_SDK/platforms/<platform-dir>/sources folder where platform is one of android-X directories. Substitute API level of your project for X.

For those interested in details there is a long discussion in related bug report from Eclipse users.

Synch with latest Android SDK

The latest updates of Android SDK tools (r14 and quickly following r15) brought some significant changes. Those had to be reflected in our plugin and the change is alive now.

Please take a careful look at SDK Tools page. Your projects need to be updated using android update project command. As a result you will see that and files are replaced with and The plugin will run this update if you open the project customizer (right on project node and select Properties menu item) close it with OK. More significant changes are under the hood. Android team reworked the way how projects are build. The build should be much faster especially if you use Android library projects. And while Xav admits that the old implementation of libraries was fragile in Eclipse I can add that it was not great for NetBeans either. Our concerns are gone now and updated version is nicer.