Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to fix broken communication with devices?

I spent some time doing actual development using NBAndroid rather than developing the plugin itself and it gave me a lot of ideas. Two most important areas that need attention are resource editing and execution/debugging support. I am very glad that Christian takes care of the latter and more of his improvements are on the way. LogCat is really critical tool when you are debugging and that's why we need to make it better. Another small improvement in that area is ability to restart Android Debug Bridge that is responsible for communication between IDE and devices. This is meant as a workaround for some strange cases when the connection breaks. Just go to Services window and use the action from a context menu of Android Devices node (of course you know about that node because you have read the last post).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tip: how to control attached device

Services tab (Ctrl+5) of the IDE contains one well hidden feature of NBAndroid plugin. There is a node showing all devices known to IDE. In addition to that you can also see processes running on these devices.

There are also a few actions available for devices and processes. Properties tab (Ctrl+Shift+7) shows various properties of both and gives you a chance to modify some aspects of the device state: voice and data network and their parameters. Processes offer possibility to start debugging as mentioned in post about debugging or simple to kill some tasks (be careful). You can also get snapshot from a device.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updated to latest tools version

Google recently released an update of SDK tools (revision 12). Enjoy it when using NBAndroid too. Where we need to use some bundled library in our plugins we use the same set of libraries now. This means we have all recent bugfixes and our plugin should be compatible with uptodate installation of the SDK.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuning XML editors

Our XML editing support just received a nice set of patches. It offers more complete set of attributes now when editing layout files. And there is even better change. It gives you hints for some of the values. It knows about attributes that has to have one of the enumerated values and/or attributes specifying dimensions.

There are several more types of attribute values and their support can be added in the near future. Given the tedious nature of layout file editing it sounds to me like a really nice improvement. General project infrastructure is there for a longer time and it works as assumed but this is going to be a productivity booster. And think about the donation button on the right side of this blog.