Sunday, May 29, 2011

Building signed packages

The Android system requires that all application be digitally signed as described here and here. During the development they can be signed with debug key that has known values and password so the developer does not need to be asked for details how to do this step.

You have to have your own private key and perform the build using this key before you publish your application though. So far the support for such a build was missing in nbandroid but this has changed. The latest snapshot adds a wizard hooked to an action available on project context menu to export signed application package. Values from project's properties files are used to assist you. Namely and key.alias are two basic properties to determine the location of keystore and name of the key used to sign the application. You can try it using the bits from continuous build and it will propagate to the stable update center in a few days if no bugs are reported.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Version 1.7. Let's remove BETA label

New NBM archive is now uploaded to our project hosting. Or look for the instructions in Install wiki page. You can see that the BETA label is removed now. I believe that there are enough users now who are OK with the plugin to declare it stable.

Most of the changes since last version deal with XML editing support mentioned here and here. There is also an improved LogCat module and our projects work correctly if they refer to a library project referencing another library. Many thanks for these contributions.

I'm going to remove the old (0.11) version from the download area soon and there will be a different URL for an autoupdate center. That way users of old version will not be forced to upgrade though I want to strongly encourage them to switch. The old version will not receive any updates in the future.

As always send your feedback. Links are in contacts page.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Code donations

Excellent news! We have some code donations to improve the functionality. Many thanks to Christian Fischer who is fixing a classpath problem when nested libraries are used and problems with general project setup. Part of that work was just commited and part is being discussed.

The second one comes from mikro and improves LogCat viewer. This is also very cool - the whole support there was created by non-core NBAndroid developers and it is great to see how the community can help.

I know that it is my turn to evaluate and integrate them now. Please be patient. And BTW more complete list of our contributors is in our wiki.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

XML editor work continued

Few more changes in layout editing support were pushed to our repository. At the moment the module offers you hints about possible tag names and their attributes (with a known limitations that only views and view groups from android.jar class are considered). Again there is a big space for improvements in this area but still this can make development a little bit easier.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I've added small section with important links to this blog layout. There is one link to our Wiki where you will find some basic documentation discussing how to install and start with development.

The second one leads to JIRA bug tracker. Please use this for your bug reports. Create an account there and file your bugs. Blog comments are a bad place to discuss bugs. I cannot reply to you directly in many cases (most readers have non-public e-mails in their profile) and it does not work well to track bugs this way.

Note that there are also mailing lists like and forums for more general discussion. Both are accessible through the third link that points to our code hosting site at

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More improvements in XML editing

I decided to take another step and improve XML editing little bit. You can see that code completion for AndroidManifest.xml now shows documentation for suggested tag names.

I am going to add similar support for attribute names and possibly values though this will depend on NetBeans bug #198223. You can vote for it and hopefully it will be integrated into next NetBeans version.

On a similar subject: XML files describing layouts can get some coding support too. First changes are already there. A subset of available attribute names is shown in code completion window. Full set of attributes, tag names and other items should follow.

As usually everything is available from our continuous build first.