Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Testing support

The next theme is to add support for Android testing. Quick summary of what is working now in the latest snapshots:
  • There is a wizard to create test project (or you can open a test project created from command line)
  • Test action is enabled for these projects and it runs tests on currently available device. Only the text output is visible.
As a next step I'd like to add better output for test runs. And execution of individual tests. Templates for test cases can be added too. I am not sure if we need ability to choose between JUnit test execution and run on device. A user feedback on this can help. Mail to users at nbandroid.kenai.com or post to our forums.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Debugging is back in new release

Good news. We have debugging support again! Thanks Tom for this contribution.

Together with other bugfixes and improvements this is enough changes to prepare a new release. Grab it from nbandroid download area on kenai.com hosting. 1.3beta is the latest and greatest at the moment but always look if there is a newer version published.

I've also made a few changes in our wiki (mostly to Intro page) and any contribution there are welcomed. Jacob already started FAQ page. Thanks for that. My next plan is to add basic support for test projects and test execution and then I will make this a regular release and take down the old version.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Improved migration

The traffic in our JIRA increased in last weeks and there are some new bugfixes. At the moment these are available from continuous build and I'm going to upload NBMs to kenai.com soon.
  • Upgrade path is again a little bit smoother. If you used older version of nbandroid plugin (0.11) and updated it to 1.x the IDE will tell you that two modules must be disabled: org.netbeans.modules.android.platform and org.netbeans.modules.android.ant. You will need to confirm the disabling. This fixes incompatibility between those old modules that are removed from new version and caused problems on startup or when opening Java platform manager. Related bug report is here.
  • More importantly when an old nbandroid project is opened the new module tries to update it to new layout and toolset. Link to JIRA bug is NBANDROID-99 if you want to add comments.
  • Build is improved now: library projects are built using correct target name (ant compile) and in addition 'clean and build' action works too.
  • You can see documentation for SDK classes when editing your sources in Java editor.
Important note: previous post about development builds had a link pointing to last successful build when you really want to get last stable build (one that passes all tests). The entry is fixed now to point to http://deadlock.netbeans.org/hudson/job/nbandroid/lastStableBuild/artifact/build/updates/updates.xml. Please make sure that you update your configuration if you are using it.

And again there is more in the queue for next releases. Feedback is always welcomed.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time for new beta release

There are some bugfixes and new goodies so let's share what we have.

Brief summary of changes since the first beta build two weeks ago:
  • The initial setup was difficult to do for some people and a few changes were targeted to make it simpler and less error-prone.
  • I believe that the classpath is now mostly correct as the module recognizes of Android project on another Android library project(s) and is aware of libraries used for compilation in libs directory.
  • UI hierarchy in project explorer is updated to show more important files and also it displays JAR from Android platform. See the picture.
How to get the new stuff? Download 1.1beta NBMs from our project hosting at kenai.com and install the same way as you have installed previous beta. It is described in previous beta announcement and you will use the same steps. Of course those who set up AutoUpdate center pointing to our continuous build will get everything too. Once again user feedback is really important. Previous posts have all the instructions where are our mailing lists or forums and where to file bugs into our JIRA.