Sunday, February 27, 2011

Development builds

We have continuous build set up now. It means that the latest bug fixes and improvements are available as soon as they are pushed to main repository and build passes with all existing tests. If you think you are going to try these just add or update your Update Center URL to

There were few bugfixes added during the last week and some small changes in the project UI to make it simpler to detect cases when the project needs to be updated. The idea is to support project generated using SDK tools directly - just open them using open project dialog and it should be possible to edit build and deploy. Generated build.xml is used for building then and we will add more Android specific features in the future.

I hope there will be just one extra step for simple projects previously developed in Eclipse: open project customizer and click OK after checking that there is a correct build target selected (if there are no build targets you will have to specify SDK location in Options dialog).

Surely there are many things missing and you can send your feedback to a users mailing list of this project or submit a bug/RFE at our JIRA bug tracking system or post to a forum. The next priorities will be set according to this input.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beta build of new project support

After a long hiatus I've published an update for this project that brings major overhaul. Main goal is to support project layout and build system defined by Android SDK (see bug #65). With the updated NBAndroid you can use a project created with Android SDK in NetBeans and vice versa. NetBeans project support now expects the same project layout and uses the same set of tools for building.

Installation and configuration:
  1. Download modules from project download area and un-zip them.
  2. Open plugin manager in NetBeans (go to Tools | Plugins) and add all 10 downloaded modules: go to Downloaded tab and add them using file chooser displayed when you click on Add plugins. Install these plugins with Install button on the same tab. You have to accept license and the fact that the set of NBMs is not signed. NetBeans 6.9 or newer is required.
  3. Set the location of Android SDK in Tools | Options | Miscellaneous | Android. You need to select your android-sdk-linux_86 (or whatever is the name of the SDK folder on your OS of choice). You can skip this step you plan to open a project that is created with this SDK. NBAndroid will try to read to location of SDK from your project.

There is no new AutoUpdate site for this new version yet and the old AutoUpdate URL still points to older version. This will change once the new support becomes more stable.

Quick start:
  • You can create a new project or open existing project. To create a new project you have to select a build target that you will build against.
  • Source file editing is supposed to work as well as building.
  • You can run your application and the module will ask whether you want to deploy it to an already running emulator or to start a new one. There is no UI to create/update/delete existing AVDs yet.
  • Compatibility with older projects created with previous version of nbandroid is not solved (and very likely will not be addressed in the future). I guess the simplest way is to remove nbproject directory in your project and create new Android project here (either using new nbandroid or with SDK).

There is neither debugging support nor support for testing project and many more things. Bear in mind that there will be rough sides but your feedback can help to move this project forward. Simply said I'm only going to commit some time if there is an interest. Contributions are welcomed. I'd like to turn these short comments into wiki topics on project site and a help with that would be nice (including some screenshots).

Good luck.