Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to fix broken communication with devices?

I spent some time doing actual development using NBAndroid rather than developing the plugin itself and it gave me a lot of ideas. Two most important areas that need attention are resource editing and execution/debugging support. I am very glad that Christian takes care of the latter and more of his improvements are on the way. LogCat is really critical tool when you are debugging and that's why we need to make it better. Another small improvement in that area is ability to restart Android Debug Bridge that is responsible for communication between IDE and devices. This is meant as a workaround for some strange cases when the connection breaks. Just go to Services window and use the action from a context menu of Android Devices node (of course you know about that node because you have read the last post).


  1. Hi!
    I am very grateful for this plugin. Coming from C# and compact framework, I started developing for android during this spring and hated eclipse all the way. Ever since nbandroid started to work I've used it. Thank you very much!

    I would like to point out that editing xml attributes is a pain because the autocomplete suggestions pop up after every key stroke. It's particularly annoying when trying to fix indentation having xml attributes spanning multiple lines.

    Is this a netbeans issue or is it nbandroid that fires up this popup all the time? I sure would like it to be fixed.

    To justify this comment, I'll make a donation right away. I need nbandroid!

    You're saving my day :)

  2. Thanks Jonas, your contribution is appreciated.

    As for the XML editor problem: I created a bug report to track it. It is mostly a NetBeans problem. We have several choices: re-implement this in nbandroid, send a patch to NetBeans, or find some workaround to get it working. It can take some time though. At the moment I'd like to make these editors more complete (tons of attributes/values/tags are missing yet) first.

  3. I've tried the xml completion in a xml files using both DTD and schema and the completion in attributes is not intrusive at all. On the contrary it seems not to open automatically in any case (even where I would expect that).

    Can you guys please check the behavior in netbeans dev build in a xml file and let me know whether it behaves badly for you? If so, please create a netbeans bug and put there a list of steps to reproduce.