Friday, June 17, 2011

Project Libraries simpler

Android Library projects allow you to share code or resources in more application. Up to now it was possible to set it up in and work with these libraries in our NetBeans but you had to do all the modifications manually. Of course this raised some questions and apparently was difficult for some users. Now this is much simpler and you can use project customizer to update your project.

There are two sides: some projects can be marked as a library (the checkbox at the top of customizer page will be selected). Application projects can then reference these libraries and the code and resources from the libraries will be included in them. The table shows all libraries references and enables their editing.

Possibly the next step is to add some UI for JAR libraries too to make it more obvious how to use code from external JARs.


  1. This is pretty nice but how can I add ordinary JAR-Libraries to the project now?


  2. Re JAR libraries: install the plugin and look at project properties. There is no blog post but the functionality is there.

  3. I see, if I put my library in the lib folder gets added to the project. Thx

  4. I'm waiting for this functionality from a long time. Finally I can use NetBeans to develop Android apllication.

    Good work,
    Thanks guys :)