Sunday, June 26, 2011

More resources recognized in editor

I mentioned it a while ago that we have a code completion support for various XML files used in Android projects. You can find a reference in a features page.

Now this will be more complete as I added first batch of code changes to help you edit resource files. I am working on a support to edit strings, styles, color, drawables, lists and similar. As usually it is commited into our repository and thus accessible from our continuous build and I will push the changes to our autoupdate soon.

Of course this is all limited by the fact that this is my non-profitable spare time project. Features can be added slowly by me or by some donations (thanks Baldur!). You can help too by sending your feedback and sharing the word. Obviously you can use the Donate button on a right bar too. It would be appreciated. Enjoy the plugin.

1 comment:

  1. I will donate money for specific feature requests. Is that possible? E.g., I'd like to do "adb install" from the IDE. I am willing to pay for that.