Saturday, May 21, 2011

Version 1.7. Let's remove BETA label

New NBM archive is now uploaded to our project hosting. Or look for the instructions in Install wiki page. You can see that the BETA label is removed now. I believe that there are enough users now who are OK with the plugin to declare it stable.

Most of the changes since last version deal with XML editing support mentioned here and here. There is also an improved LogCat module and our projects work correctly if they refer to a library project referencing another library. Many thanks for these contributions.

I'm going to remove the old (0.11) version from the download area soon and there will be a different URL for an autoupdate center. That way users of old version will not be forced to upgrade though I want to strongly encourage them to switch. The old version will not receive any updates in the future.

As always send your feedback. Links are in contacts page.

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