Saturday, April 16, 2011

Initial support for test projects

It's been a while since last update so I decided to share recent changes. The most visible improvement is support for testing projects. There is a lot of things missing in this area but at least you can run all tests in this project now.

Due to a technical difficulties we have to build a version of a testrunner that binds specifically to certain NetBeans versions. As a result there are three NBMs of Android Test Runner module. One works with NetBeans 6.9 the second with 6.9.1 and the last will work with 7.0 and future builds (I tested it with NetBeans 7.0RC2). When installing from our continuous build select 'Android' and one of the 'Android Test Runner for NetBeans x.y'. Similarly if you want to install from ZIP archive select all NBM files but those that do not match your IDE version. This should not be hard and AutoUpdate support will not allow you to install the version that is not compatible with your version in next step anyway.

The latest build tagged as 1.5beta is now available for download from Kenai hosting.

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