Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time for new beta release

There are some bugfixes and new goodies so let's share what we have.

Brief summary of changes since the first beta build two weeks ago:
  • The initial setup was difficult to do for some people and a few changes were targeted to make it simpler and less error-prone.
  • I believe that the classpath is now mostly correct as the module recognizes of Android project on another Android library project(s) and is aware of libraries used for compilation in libs directory.
  • UI hierarchy in project explorer is updated to show more important files and also it displays JAR from Android platform. See the picture.
How to get the new stuff? Download 1.1beta NBMs from our project hosting at and install the same way as you have installed previous beta. It is described in previous beta announcement and you will use the same steps. Of course those who set up AutoUpdate center pointing to our continuous build will get everything too. Once again user feedback is really important. Previous posts have all the instructions where are our mailing lists or forums and where to file bugs into our JIRA.


  1. Awesome stuff... glad to see an update for Netbeans!

  2. It is very good to see progress. I'll check it out asap.



  3. I don't want to sound completely ignorant, but what does this plugin bring to the table as compared to using a free form java project? Don't get me wrong, I'm really interested, just can't figure it out by looking at the web site.

    It would be nice if you had a page listing the most important features (it should help increasing your user base as well).

  4. I am having trouble installing the plugins,
    I get the following error for both the 1.1 and 1.2 versions of the nbm on both nb 6.9 and 7.0b

    "The Plugin Installer found problem timeout of loading Android Ddmlib[] while install the following plugins:
    Android Ddmlib"

    any ideas??

  5. the other error I am seeing is
    StandardModule:null jarFile: /usr/share/netbeans/6.9/extra/modules/ext/ddmlib.jar[invalid] is not a valid NetBeans module

    any help would be greatly appreciated



  6. To davti: It looks like corrupted download. Try to download it again. I can start uploading MD5SUMs too.

    Blog comments area is not a good place for troubleshooting. Use JIRA at or mailing lists.

    BTW there is a newer version anyway.

  7. I downloaded 1.1 NBA beta with NB version 6.9. I am getting the "package name not valid". Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks.

  8. Same issue with me package name is not valid.

  9. One possible problem with autoupdate is described in and you can try to uncheck 'install into shared directory'.