Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread news and quick status updated

Google released new version 2.3 of Android code-named Gingerbread yesterday and as some people already pointed out it does not play well existing version of NBAndroid.

Please be patient for a few days. I will try to update it and release new version soon. There are two possibilities. The simpler one is that I can only do a refresh of released version 0.10 with SDK libraries from new SDK. If everything goes well there will be very limited amount of changes needed for such an update.

The other one is to do little bit more work and push beta of current development branch that aims to support default development setup used by Android SDK tool-chain. This is still rough and will force everyone to do some changes in their project to convert them into project that work with or without NetBeans.

Ideally we can do both. Please stay tuned.

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