Sunday, January 17, 2010

Version 0.10 is out

A new update is published and your feedback is welcomed. There are a few new things and changes
  • A new plugin supporting displaying of data from logcat from Nyerel.
  • Another patch by akochnev that adds support for recent version of Android SDK (r3 and r4)
  • JDK 1.6 is now required as a JDK used to run NetBeans IDE. Modules will not install / disable themselves if you use older JDK.
  • You will need NetBeans 6.7.1 or newer. I dropped support for 6.5 and if time permits this can simplify a few things in these plugins and make development easier.
Huge thanks for both contributions and I apologize for long delay before these were published. Of course any feedback or contributions are welcomed.

Enjoy it!


  1. So if java 6 is now required it means that the plugin cannot be used on Mac OS X 10.5, which by default is running java 5. That's too bad. And I can't upgrade to 10.6 as it's not supported by Google's platform build environment setup.

    Is it possible to publish nbandroid 0.9 nbm for direct download? Thank you.

  2. AFAICT there is a Java 6 avaliable for MacOS10.5 and you can configure NetBeans to use it - Then of course you can setup your projects in the IDE to use JDK1.5 as their build platform.

    But yes, I can find 0.9 version and make it available somewhere.

  3. Yes, I have figured this out too. Seems to be working fine so far. Thanks for you reply though.

  4. I'm not sure how to see logcat. can you help?

  5. To seet LogCat output go to Window | Output | ADB Log.

  6. Thanks. It doesn't work due to some connection errors. I will post the log.

  7. Good work! Netbeans is so much nicer than Eclipse.

  8. Thanks for your great plugin.

    There's only one glitch - the selection of af device evry time I run. If would be cool with some accelerators (i.e. f.ex. if I could just press Alt-O to press the OK button).

    The "Prevent Selection of Target on Each Run" note on doesent seem to work.


  9. Thanks for your great plugin.
    But how it work with Android NDK?

  10. How do I install this version? I have 0.1

  11. How to configure avd to run from netbeans in wvga resolution. Now i can choose between qvga and hvga, additionaly when i choose to run in hvga (l or p) the AVD doesn't start. I have to switch back to qwga-l, then avd runs but not in landscape mode - it starts in portrait mode.

    Please answer me.

  12. What about the issue with external libraries not getting packaged?

    What if you want nbandroid to add to the .apk?

    For example, on compile it should automatically check for /libs/armeabi/* add the folder /lib/armeabi/* to the .apk, but at the moment it doesn't.

    The same issue exists when trying to add external JAR files to the project - it will not include them in the .apk - we are forced to manually add them or modify the ANT script to tell it to add them.

    What I haven't yet figured out though, is how to modify the ANT script to check for a /libs directory and add it as /lib/armeabi/* (using this .so as an example).

    Any thoughts?

  13. How does one compile their application for public release (not debug) using nbandroid? Or is this a manual process?

  14. niiiiiiiiiiiiice plugin , thanks

  15. great plugin very easy..found it less confusing than the eclipse .
    however...please continue development..dont stop!
    dont let oracle baddies distract on android development pls! :D
    ...a cool feature would be a good WYSIWG for playing with the main.xml

  16. it's possible with this plugin the autocomplete features for xml layout documents ?