Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Version 0.9 is out

The biggest change in this update is a new way how application is executed. You can either ask NetBeans to run main activity or to just deploy the application to a device. It will find the name of main activity so the input field for main activity in project customizer is gone. As a result we got rid of AndroidManifest.xml regenerating - one of the annoying problems reported in JIRA.

Happy coding.

Friday, July 24, 2009

NBAndroid 0.8 is out

Those few changes mentioned in previous post are now avaliable in a recently released version 0.8.
  • You can see running devices in services tab.
  • The plugin is now smarter when you execute the application and looks for suitable device. If it cannot find any it will ask you. This behavior is also customizable for your project.
The next step is to fix some oustanding bugs like overwriting of AndroidManifest.xml file. Generally the number of open bugs is decreasing and there will be a chance to implement new features.

Android SDK 1.5 has a new revision r3 and so far it seems compatible with the older version so the migration should be smooth.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Android devices in Services tab

Tomas Zezula commited a new set of changes. The most visible one is addition of Android devices node into Services tab. We now integrate Android's ddmlib that allows us to talk to Android debug bridge.

There are few more changes pending related to launching. After these are completed we will be able to access list of available Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) as well as to find connected devices. This is going to resolve problems with emulator starting and problems with more devices running/attached. Hopefully this will be done in next days and we will publish a module update to make these features available.

Monday, July 6, 2009

NBAndroid now works with NetBeans 6.5.1 again

I published another quick update of NBAndroid. Now it should resolve another blocker - people reported that they cannot create a platform. The common thing for all these reports was use of NetBeans 6.5. I missed that for a while and caught it thanks to bug report by gilad_no.

Actually there were two problems:

  • I used some APIs from NetBeans 6.7 like FileUtil#getConfigRoot() (tagging it with since org.openide.filesystems 7.19 is not very helpfull - how can I guess when NetBeans version matches to this?)

  • FileObject#getPath() returns absolute path prefixed with slash in NetBeans 6.7 but it returns relative path (without leading slash) in version 6.5. This completely broke our resolution of Android platforms. FileUtil.toFile(FileObject).getAbsolutePath() is used now to fix the problem.

My Hudson build is now updated to run tests using NetBeans 6.7 and 6.5.1 and final bits are produced as a clean build against the older one.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to NBAndroid

This is first announcement on this blog for the NBAndroid project - a set of NetBeans plugins to support Android application development. New version of these modules (0.5) is just published and brings one interesting bugfix. So far the biggest number of bug reports refers to [NBANDROID-17] - Can not compile project . This was a blocker for Windows user and it is fixed now.

Enjoy this update and send your feedback to a project site and/or file your bugs and enhancements
at bug tracker