Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Development setup

After some quiet period of time I can make few more changes to NBAndroid. In the meantime I had to migrate to a new notebook. This is annoying but the benefit is updated How to Build page that tells you all the details how to develop in current IDE against the NetBeans 6.5 platform and be able to run existing tests.

There are many features that needs to be implemented to match the Eclipse plugin (see Xavier's slides from Eclipse Day at GooglePlex). If these hints will help people to hack their improvements like ADB logcat support it would be great.


  1. Thanks for working in such a great plugin for us!

    If I could suggest anything, could it be a simple "Android project with existing source" and an "Import from Eclipse" options in the "New project" menu?

    These options would allow us to contribute and work on projects along people coding with Eclipse in a very easy, straight-forward, manner.

    Thanks again for all the good work!

  2. I think your feature request is valid though unrelated to this post. Better interoperability with common structure/layout/format of android projects would be definitely a great improvement.

    Here I wanted to help anyone who would like to take sources of these modules and build them hoping that in the future someone can contribute.

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